Audio Phase Speakers + Calrad

I picked up a pair of "Audio Phase" (speaker grill badge) speakers today at a sale. Definitely late 1970's look. The cabinets are really nice and heavy with resessed speaker grills. It has 2 horns, tweeter and a 15" woofer. Has 2 controls, one marked "Calrad" the other has an animal on it. I see no other markings. Are these some high school wood shop project or a legit system? I've heard of Calrad, but not Audio Phase.
Store brands were once popular. This could be an example. I haven't heard of them. Can you play them or have they gotten rotted surrounds on the woofers. Curious how they sound.
One of the speakers is missing the larger horn, but I did test them out. They actually sound decent. The woofers have no rot. I think I'll pull the woofers and see if there's a make on them. Like I said, the cabinets are really well built, so it may be a good speaker cab project this winter.
Looks like the woofers are marked L.T.L Electronics out of Auburn, WA. Being that the name badge on the speaker grills is Audio Phase, I'm guessing this is way of cashing in on Phase Linear name which was also built in Western Washington.?.