audio phase coupled activator -comments

Any one use of these.Thinking instead of using a subwoofer.Adding an extra amp [Denon]to my avr4800 denon.Mains are Klipsch klf-30 [Two 12inch active woofers in each speaker].Will the seperate amp for the mains.Plus the phase coupler.Give me the lows for movies {replacing the sub].Will it sound better than a single 12" sub.Or will it effect the mids and highs in the mains.Any light on subject would be welcomed.Thanks Mluthier
I use an Audio Control PCA in my HT. I use old Electro-Voice Sentry III studio monitors (one 15" woofer per speaker). These speakers need a little electronic LF boost anyway. I like using the PCA for movies, it gives a nice low end boost (and tactile feel) and works really well for older movies that don't have the LF of modern flicks. Use the video input. The PCA will create VERY low bass so make sure your system can handle it.