Audio people you've had contact with that proved to be good people.

Not just audio...but good people in many ways....  For me, Henry Kloss, Saul Marantz, Jon Dahlquist, both Mr. Conrad and Johnson, Harry Pearson and some others.  On the opposite end, I did meet some large egos that have mainly faded into the walls. 



@tylermunns I have met a few that were crooks. All nice and take your money and never deliver.

So yes they were not good people. 



Michael Klein was with Audio Concepts and opened a new store in Pittsburg.

Skip at Audio Thesis.


Mark Schneider (Linear Tube Audio)

Dan Wright (Modwright)

Jose Ramirez (Dr Vinyl)

Gary Gill (Capital AudioFest, Pacific Audiofest)

Bob Grost (Cerious Technologies)

Had a very pleasant experience with Damian and Michal at Mytek. They went above and beyond to fix an issue with my unit.