Audio & PC Audio Cable upgrades better than stock.

I am in need of better RCA interconnect cables from my cd player and my PC audio card output to connect into my Parasound Zpre pre-amp. I am using stock crappy cables that come from Radioshack (standard manufactures stock cables). Yuck! (I know). For my PC audio hookup (to play MP3's, thats mostly what I play anyways) I use a mini to dual rca with barrels (not long enough) to connect to another 3' dual rca cable to go into my Parasound pre-amp. I want to just have a one cable solution because I cannot move the location of the pre-amp. I use a 3 foot dual rca to connect my Cd player into the pre-amp (which is lcoated very close to the unit). I am looking to just upgrade to hear better detail and imaging. Any suggestions that are not too expensive and are the best "bang for the buck"????

Does anyone make a mini to dual rca cable thats like 6 feet long or so that high quailty but doesnt cost over $50 or something???

Please post any comments and questions!

BTW, My PC Audio card is a Soundblaster Live! card and my CD player is a Blaupunkt Munchen Car CD player. MY pre-amp is a Parasound Z-pre. My amplifier is a Xtant 3300c 3 channel power amplifier (60x2, 360x1) conservly rated, Astron RS-70M Fully regulated power supply, and Paradigm Studio Reference 80 Version 1 speakers.

First thing, if you're using your computer at all as a source, get the new Sound Blaster Audigy card. It just killed my Live! for cd's and MP3's. The Audigy comes with the new 24bit 100db chip. This will outweigh any other tweaks you add to the system.
Also, if you want to get spendy, you could get the Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum (external) and use the RCA outputs on it so you could use half decent Interconnects to your pre. I would buy the Musical Fidelity Tube buffer if you're at all serious about listening to MP3's as a sole source. This will smooth out the jagged highs that MP3's produce.
That Soundblaster Audigy looks really good! I was looking around and see that monster cable has mini to dual rca cables called the Interlink 400mkII portable for around $50 on the net.

I might have to look into this Audigy closer....

By the way, What is the Music Fidelity Tube Buffer??? I look all over their site and can't fidn what that is.... Thanks!
The Musical Fidelity X10D is a unity gain tube based buffer. In other words, you put a signal into it, the signal goes out at appr the same level. The only thing that it does is introduce certain characteristics ( typically a warmer and smoother sound ) to the signal. If you like it, fine. I think that most people making use of it are incorporating it between their SS cd player and their preamps or receivers to tame "digital nasties". Either way, i remember reading that this device introduced something along the lines of up to 10% distortion to the signal. Probably all even harmonics ( like a tube ), so it is not as harsh or gritty as SS distortion. Sean