Audio Output Cables to Preamp

I have been out of the loop for quite a while so I need to lean on you guys for some advice. I need some recommendations on interconnects from a new plasma HDTV to a Audio Research SP-16 preamp. Since neither my TV nor my DVD player are my main source of audio enjoyment, I want to keep the price reasonable.

Thanks for your help.

For TV sources, any will do. If you spend more than minimum, you are wasting money.

You should use HDMI interface between the TV and DVD player. Then use a reasonably priced IC from the DVD to preamp (HDMI carries both the audio & video signals). You will want to take advantage of your plasma TV’s video capabilities by utilizing HDMI, even if it means purchasing a new DVD player (if your current player does not have an HDMI interface). Even the most modest-priced newer units have HDMI. Spend more on the HDMI cable than the IC's at the onset. You can upgrade the IC's later
A good HDMI is available from MONO PRICE for $9.95. Better ones are much more expensive so you might want to try this first. I don't agree that any IC will work but you don't have to spend a lot, look at good used ones on Audiogon. If you want to buy new Supra has a good rep. for both and is not too high.
I agree with the HDMI to TV link from DVD. Also placing a pair of ICs from the cable box or DVD (or both) to the preamp is the ticket. Audio Art, and Voodoo Cables make some nice inexpensive interconnects that do a great job. Naturally, more $$$ will get you more there too.

it's redundant to run ICs from the TV back to the preamp... unless you are running an outside antenna setup, and quality will suffer.
I agree. My plan is to connect the Oppo DV-980H player to the TV via HDMI. Since my Audio Research Sp-16 does not have an HDMI socket, I will use ICs from the DVD player to the preamp.

ICs from Blue Jeans Cables or Monoprice have been suggested.

Thank you!