Audio out of sync with video DVD

I just bough my first surround processor, a Rotel 1065. I Do sound mixing and editing in the movie biz so I might be more sensitive to this than others but hope there is a fix.

I notice when watching a DVD and listening though the Rotel the sound is not in sync with the video? It seems to me Rotel would put a video delay in the signal path to compensate for this, but it seem they do not.

Is there a fix for this?

It could be my Cheep DVD player.

Thanks, Mark
Check out your menu's on your DVD player. Mine has the ability to delay things if this happens. Your Rotel might to??? Are you using progressive scan? This might, might, cause things to slow down some as the processing is done...I'm not a expert on this topic though.
I think that the audio delay feature is intended to compensate for different distances to speakers in a multichannel system, and as such is too short to have any use in correcting a noticable video/audio out-of- sync condition.

I think that the out-of-sync condition is probably in the original signal. Interestingly, we thought there was a problem like this during Pres Bush's speach to the RNC. Perhaps the broadcast process includes some deliberate delay, and they did't get it set up quite right.
There is no delay adjustment for video on my DVD or the Rotel, and i am not using progressive scan.

What kind of DVD player do you have? Are you sure you can delay the Video?

It is OK when go directly from the DVD stereo out to the TV, seems to only happen when I go through the rotel's 5.1 processor?

Thanks, mark
It seems to me that this "lip sync" problem was prevalent and much more common with first generation DVD players if my memory serves me. If you are having problems with different software, I'd look at returning or replacing the DVD player or at least trying another DVD player to see if the problem persists.
Are you using original factory DVD movies??
Could be your DVD player, could be your DVDs. I have one DVD with no A/V sync problems using the Dolby Digital soundtrack, but it's out of sync on the DTS soundtrack.

Some DVD players and some pre/pros have the ability to set a sync delay (in milliseconds) to deal with this. The latest Rotel processor, the RSP-1068, can do this. Your RSP-1065 cannot. Usually this is a feature of the more expensive/more advanced pre/pros.
Are you using original factory DVD movies??"

Yes, I am.
I would contact the dealer where you bought it from. Ask him why. Rotel makes a very good product. Maybe yours is defective.
mj662, I'm using a Esoteric DV 50. The video is based on a Pioneer DVD player. It has a feature called Prog Motion and can adjust in 8-10 increments of fast vs slow. I assume this will help with this issue. Although I've never had a reason to try it.

Good luck