Audio only room furnishings?

I have a room in my home that I am starting to use for audio only. Sheet rock walls, 2 doors, hard wood floors and 8 foot ceiling and ONE chair only. Could someone refer me to info as regards treatments that should be made to the floor and walls? Do I need a area ruge? Plain floor and walls??? BTW the room is 14'-0 square. Thanks for the help,

With a 14' square room I think it is safe to say that at the very least you will need bass traps in all four corners and where the walls meet the ceiling.
You would do well to contact both Real Traps and ASC Tube Traps.
that square room is going to be a big problem....Agaffer's advice is right on.
You may indeed want a rug in front of the speakers to treat the first reflection points on the floor. I would start with this and the bass traps like Agaffer mentioned. Whether you go with a single chair or couch, I'd suggest finding one without the high back. This may not be an issue if you plan to have the listening position up against the back wall. Also look for stuffed upolstry. That alone can tame alot of reflections. Start with these and then see how it sounds. You can always add what you need, but it's a pain to spend money or time on treatments and then find you don't really them after all.
Pay Rives Audio to do it for you. Rives has pricing to fit all budgets.
Psychicanimal, has Rives done work for you?
Scott Mayo at Obsession Audio will be able to offer plenty of great tips to get you started. You can reach him at:

He just designed a room for me. Outstanding results and simply a fantastic person to work with. Tell him Randy sent you.