Audio Notes new KSL, are you famailiar with these

I have read great reviews on An-spz and An-vz and I was going to purchase these cables. Now I here there is a KSL model that is replacing these cables, I do not know if it is better, I understand that it is more money. With all of the hype that goes into new products, I do not want to waste my money if I cannot tell a difference in sound quality. Especially since these cables will already be breaking my "piggy bank".
First, I haven't tried those KSLs myself. But I have owned and still love both SPz and Vz in my system. The most probable reasons for new series are (1) run out of original AN SPz and Vz cable stocks (I know I am the one who took the last portion because I was there in their factory then), (2) since the trademark battle has been settled with AN (UK), Mr. Kondo doesn't like to use "AN" as model designation (note: this is only my lowlife guess)(for those who don't know, AN (UK) and AN (Japan = Kondo) are totally different entities, as never have been), and (3) AN series cables have been in the market for literally decades already.
On the other hand, I am QUITE sure that he knows what he is doing and this KSL series definitely surpass AN series. I am hoping to get them in the future. I wonder why they don't make XLR version, though....

By the way, I heard that Mr. Kondo and the gang will be at CES this year and you may bump into them. If you visit Japan and their factory, you will receive a warm welcome and VERY reasonable price for those cables (you can enjoy the sound of their products while they cut and solder your cables!). Personally, I have never seen such "mark-up" in the imported hi-fi products. No, I don't live in Japan.