Audio Note: which are better AN-J/Spe or AN-E/L?

Can anyone help,please!
I hope someone responds to this I have only heard a pair of Js once and even though the pair I heard was over 5K they didn't touch my E/Ls but I'm not sure that wasn't because they were pulled out in the room and in a room I wasn't use to. I missed the bass thugh. It's ashame it's so hard to get to hear and compare such fine speakers.
All I have to say is that I have heard the $20k Audio Note speakers, and I was not impressed. They were not the kind of sound I desired for $20k. Some people do love this kind of sound (the tonally correct but damn everything else sound). Basically it seemed that AN takes the attitude that tonality is the only thing that matters in sound. If this were ultimately true, all hi fi recordings would be made in mono. I am not knocking mono recordings (they can be ultimately amazing); however, humans do tend to have two ears and the world only sounds mono most of the time to someone who has lost most of their hearing in one ear.

This judgement of the $20k speakers alone leaves me little desire to hear other AN speakers.