Audio Note speaker kit 2, experience?comments?

I am thinking about buying an Audio Note Kit 2 speaker and building my own cabinets.

How much power do they really need? I like to turn it up a bit...

Is there a clear choice in the AN speaker line up? I know the prices change quite a bit but maybe one is clearly the better deal etc...

BTW I now own AN Lexus speaker wire and AN-V IC FWIW

ANY comments or suggestons are appreciated..


The K, J, and E speakers are all very good sounding speakers. The K speakers really work best with at least ten good watts. The J and E speakers are more efficient; I prefer the sound of the J speakers. Think they have a nice and tighter bass plus they take up less room. Any good 300b amplifier designed to work best into 8 ohms will work well with the J and E speakers.

Thank you for the response, I guess at this time the model E is the only kit available sold as the Kit 2. If all goes well I will buy it soon. I really love the sound of 300b SET amplifiers but can not afford one at this time though may end up with the Kit 1 someday. The Soro will have to do and do pretty well at that I am sure.

Have you heard any of the Audio Note speakers setup in the corners? That is my plan if I go thru with it. I am looking forward to enhanced dynamic range and big soundstage and just hope they better my Trentes.

thanks for your comments,

I have my AN AZ3 set up in corners, and I think it does make a huge difference with AN speakers. The AZ3 is a two way floorstander, quasi quarter wave front loaded horn. Much more dynamic and a better soundstage than traditional placements, in my room. For the money, a great speaker. I don't know if they sound better than the Trentes, because I've never heard them. I do know the AZ3 sounds better than my Legacy's for 2 channel with tubes, by a wide margin.

I have thought about building some KIT 3's, becuse they are about 4 db more efficient. For $1850, I don't think you could go wrong. If you have the woodworking skills, the look could rival AN's $20k+ speakers.

Thank you Joe,

Bob Neill of Amhearst Audio thinks the Audio Note AN-E is close in performance to the JM Reynaud Offrande which is the model up from my Trente. I used to dream about the Offrande and I hope I am not making a mistake but will eventually buy the Kit 2 and see for myself. According to Bob the Reynaud is a little warmer and the Audio Note more open and immediate.

I have a bias against obvious warmth and the Reynauds are a little bass heavy even in a pretty big 13 x 22 x 8 living room.

I agree with you about the Kit 3, I bet they are darn good but out of my price range right now.

Thanks for the views about the corner placement. I have a 36" TV to go between the speakers and do not know how it will go. I know the speaker should be very close to the wall but I was hoping to move it about a foot out. We will see.

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