Audio Note Soro SE anyone?

Anyone have experience with the Audio Note Soro SE integrated SET amplifier?

How did you like it and is it a powerful 18 watts?


Someone let me borrow theirs for about 9 days, while they went on their honeymoon. I enjoyed this amp very much. It actually was my first experience with a SET amp and it got me very interested in them. I ended up with a more powerful 37 Watt Bel Canto SET40. The Soro pushed my Excelarray's very nice at moderate listening levels. My speakers are 89db efficient, however their equivalent to a 95db efficient point source speaker. If I remember correctly, they did quite nicely to about 90-95db.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the info. What do you mean they are equivelent to a 95db point source?

How would you compare its sound to other amps you have heard? Obviously you were favorably impressed, as you bought another SET, what was the Soro's strength?

thanks for helping