Audio Note M6 vs ARC Ref 3 Preamps...

I would appreciate any insight from fellow audiophiles who have experience with ARC Ref 3 preamp vs Audio Note M6 or M8 preamps. (I realize there is a significant price difference, especially with the M8. However opinions would be welcome)

Musicdesign, while I have no experience with Audionote, I have auditioned the ARC Ref 3 very recently, and found it compares EXTREMELY favorably with the more expensive VAC Renaissance Signature II. I have posted my detailed findings starting at:
I have owned both. AN noisier, but more musical.Little bit more detail and wider stage on ARC
I personally think An is clearing on a higher plane than AR.

I was not a ARC fan until their recent products. A friend of mine owns the REF 3 and it sounds fantastic. I've also had chance to play with the new Ref 5 and it sounds is even better.

On the other hand, having owned, demoed, and listened to many Audionote products, I think that their products are are euphonically colored, have poor build quality, and are extremely overpriced. Also Audionote's U.S. dealer & distribution network has been very weak for many years. The dealers they do have, don't carry much product to demo and have absolutely nothing in stock to purchase. If you want something from Audionote, it's going to be months before you get it. With that being said, Audionote owners are fanatical, like a cult.
I agree with Brawny's assesment of AN. The only dealer near me is the last store left in a run-down strip mall with foot deep holes in the dirt/sand/ old paved parking lot, and the store's owner can't figure out why people arn't just driving up and buying multi thousand dollar products like it's candy, or something use once and throw away. The store only has a few entry level ANote products, all look cheap and somewhat home made and the sound is closer to AM radio. I have asked the store owner why he has never tried to carry Audio Research and he just rolls his eyes and looks angree and tell me how crappy sounding ARC is. This store and the owner has totally lost touch with reality and does no service to any brand. Mfg like ARC wouldn't let product near this store.
I LUV my Ref 3. Terrific synergy with the rest of my ARC gear. A little twist on Brawny's comment, "[w]ith that being said, [ARC Ref 3 and 5 line stages (my insert)] owners are fanatical, like a cult." FWIW