Audio Note, Lamm, 1st Sound with McIntosh 275?

I'm digging info about preamps to match with my MC275 and B&W 804S and would appreciate input as to "house sound" and likely synergy between the 275 and Audio Note M3, Lamm LL2, and First Sound Presence. Unfortunately I cannot audition them.

Other preamps being considered are McIntosh 2200, Red Wine Isabella, and Rowland.

You should add the Suprateks to the list.I would think that a slightly polite top-end would be a must for this combo.Assuming the Lamm will be the LL2,I believe the First Sound will be the most affordable.
Have a Modwright 9.0se hooked to my Mac275. Very nice match. Both pretty neutral.
Aesthetix Saturn Calypso
Thanks for the comments. Will add those to my list.

I'm surprised nobody is commenting on the Audio Note, or the LL2, though. Anyone?

Lewinski do you mean Lamm LL2 or the new LL2.1?

The LL2.1 has a good write up in September Stereophile.
I own a Lamm LL2 and is the best preamp U have had including some very good units like Gryphon, Jadis and Manley. Saying that, Iwould len more towards a McIntosh preamp giving your current system configuration.

Thanks for the input. Would you mind elaborating why you suggest this?

I noticed on the Lamm vs. Air Tight thread you also suggested the OP to go with Air Tight even though you love your Lamm. This is probably proof of your objectivity vs. the often seen "buy what I did" advice, so it's great. Just wondering why you suggest Mc preamps.

I would say the McIntosh, more than AT gear, have a signature of its own (which
is not bad and replicates to many good companies out there) - having had more
than 4 McIntosh amps (tubed and solid state) that signature is untouched if one
keeps the same strucutre in preamps and power amps.

Ha!.. you would say... why then you do not have a Lamm power amp??? . the
truth is that I am heading there and the MR power amp I have is a temporary
(but good by all means) substitution.

But please take my advice as just a personal opinion, the best of course would
be for you to listen at your own pace all the possible options you are
considering and trust your ears.