Audio Note Kits Interstage PSE Monoblocks

I recently decided to purchase a factory built pair of ANK Interstage Parallel Single Ended Monoblocks.  I just wanted to share how much I'm enjoying these wonderful, musical, organic, and surprisingly 'powerful'  dead quiet amplifiers! Doesn't sound like only 20 WPC.  In fact I'm finding it difficult to go back to my 5X as expensive very highly regarded KT88 based amplifier...
Any others with experience with these amplifiers?  Perhaps I'm just taken with their SET sound which I haven't heard in 15 years.  Happy Holidays to all!

 You have chosen a very good amplifier. Power quality trumping power quantity it seems.  What speakers are you driving?
Hi Charles
I'm actually driving KEF Reference 3, not a particularly easy load, but they sound great together. I'm delighted and may not go back to my 'references' amplifier for some time!  Thanks, Norm
Congratulations on the new amplifiers!  Those AN PSEs have long been a product I've loved to own.  Hope you continue to enjoy them for a very long time
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