audio note kits

has anyone any experience with the Canadian company's kits?
Not the UK company.
I'm looking at the L2 + phono line amp.  4x2.  4x 12AU7.  
Or are there other kits to look at?

Had one of there dac kits. Had someone else build it but was very pleased. I recommend there stuff
I built a DAC 4.1 LE kit and it was a completely positive experience.  The kit is complete, instructions very thorough and quite easy to follow, and the resulting product sounds pretty darned good.  You need to be confident in your soldering skills, so if you haven't had much practice, my advice would be to work on some throw away boards first (doesn't take long to get the feel with a good temp controlled soldering iron).  But without lots of prior experience I found it pretty straightforward.  I don't have experience with their phono amps, so I cannot comment on them specifically.
thanks both.