Audio Note Kit 3 AMP

Hi, back in the mid 1990s Audio Note had a parallel 300b kit amp, the kit 3. I had one and, like an idiot sold it, ever since I wished I had not but it/they disappeared from view. If anyone knows of one... maybe let me know. They can't have all been lost/broken down
By the way - if there is a place for 'wanted' let me know

Oh I listen to Classical, mostly Opera and I'm using MA RX-6, Yaqin MC100B, Emotiva ERC-2, Clearaudio Concept with a Benz Glider (I am just getting sorted :)
I presume you are aware, but if not:
Thanks vm. Yes I have seen their parallel 300b amps. they are much prettier but I was kind of wanting the old style before the current set. They were mono blocks each one made on the
Kit 1 chassis.
I read but did not comprehend!
I still have AN Kit 3 monoblocks and AN Preamp Kit,bought and assembled in 1998.
I also have current AN Kits PSE 300B monoblocks and L3 preamp with a really extreme upgrades.
The Kit 3 monoblocks without any upgrades are great sounding amps,my friends were dissapointed with their EAR and Audio Research tube amps after connecting my AN Kit3 amps in their system.
Now I've decided to bring them on a higher level,I just received almost all upgrade parts like all Tantalum resistors,AN Copper Foil caps,Mundorf caps,AN silver speaker and RCA terminals,AN silver valve bases,AN silver wire,silver turret tag boards and so on.
I'll make them completely hard wired with the silver wire even for a power supply.
It costs much,but they are worth it.I made my decision after
hearing all this years many, so called "high end" amps.
They were only "high priced" compared to my Audio Note Kit 3 monoblocks (designed in Kondo-san era).
There was one pair for sale a year ago on web,maybe it will appear again,just keep looking.
Regards from Croatia,
Hi Zeljko - thanks very much i will keep looking.. best wishes
How do the currant AN Kit PSE 300b compare to the 1998 kit 3, i am thinking of purchasing the new kit is it worth the money?