Audio Note kit 2 vs kit 3

I own Audio Note Kit 2 speakers and am considering buying the kit 3 speaker and wonder if anyone knows the sonic differences.

I have read the kit 3 is more refined but how much more detail/nuance is there?
Are they more neutral?
Is the tonal balance the same?

ANY information is appreciated.

thank you

I had the exact same question! Here's to several responses!

I now have the kit 3

the integration between the drivers is better and there is more detail and less of a sonic signature, especially the bass, it is less colored and tighter. I did not notice much of an improvement in efficency however despite a 3db better rating (97 vs 94)

Overall I recommend them - however you may want to find a factory built set if you can, they are supposed to be better than the kits per Peter Q if you look in the kit brochure at

let me know how it goes