Audio Note Kit 2

Agoner's I am considering purchasing a Audio Note Kit 2 amp and can't find much info about them. Those of you that have them, what are your thoughts. How efficient of a speaker do you think I need. Mine supposedly are 92db, but act more like 89/90db to me, so I am concerned about the low power being a problem.

I assume you have been to the AN kit site above, and read about the kit2 ........... ??

I have the kit1 300b and the kit03 speakers(97db sens)
I also have the Coincident triumph sig's(92db sens).
There is a big difference in how my 300b amp performs with the AN high sens speaker, compared to the Coincident. Both speakers sound great, but the higher sens AN speaker lets the kit1 amp show what is is capable of.

IMHO i think you need a more sensitive speaker to hear the FULL potential of the AN 12 watt amp. Yes, it will work fine, but not to the extent it is capable.

just my 2cents
I have read the AN site, I find it interesting that in one part of their literature that it says the amp provides 18 watt and in another 12. I can't believe that a kt88 tube provides 6 more watts than a 6550?
I see were people are using the amp on 89 db speaker and getting a long.
Rcziech my speaker are Coincident PE II's, so they should be similar to yours.