Audio Note Kit 1

Bought a used audio note kit 1 300b amplifier recently. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Any opinions on the audio note amplifier? Obviously build quality is of importance, being a kit amplifier. Has anyone had a chance to listen to there 300b built? System will be a sonore ultrarendu>chord2qute>audio note>15in audio nirvana alinco(open baffle). My current amplifier connected to this system is a EL34 Set Audio Nirvana. What kind of differences in sound character should I expect with 300b Set vs El34 Set. 
Just a question here--I hope this is the right place to put it.  The Kit 1 originally appeared in the mid 90s I think.  I am wondering if it is time to at least evaluate if not replace some of the caps in an AN of 20-25 yrs?
@drrnc2 I will say my Kit 1 was built in 2010, and I've considered changing caps out of sheer OCD. If it was 20+ years old it would be the first thing I would do. I haven't done it yet, but someday I will. I have the AN copper film caps in mine. I will replace to the AN Silver capacitors when needed. They are pricey, but im sure worth it. Ive actually gone all out on my Kit 1 tweak wise. If anyone's interested ill give a list of things done to the amp, all of which has significantly helped the sound of the amplifier. The only things I see left are better ccore transformers and the silver caps.
Thanks akwilson501.  I was thinking that since the AN components are claimed to be so superior perhaps part of that superiority was long lived, but you, who seems to me to know a bit about the company, would see it as appropriate to do the replacement anyway.  Thanks again.  Rich.