Audio Note Kit 1 Upgrade Or New Dac

So I have a 2010 audio note kit 1 with upgraded internals(caps, wiring, etc.), but stock output transformers. I also have a chord 2qute dac. The dac is fed by a sonore ultrarendu. I am considering making a upgrade. Updated ccore output transformers for the ANK amp or a new dac( probably the chord qutest) My question is which component would I see the most benefit in upgrading, if either. I am very happy with my sound already, just seeing if I could minorly improve on some things. 

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Hirata TANGO opts are an easy recommendation!
Changing to another Chord DAC will not result in an improvement in SQ!
The output transformers are the critical weak link in tube amps. Better OPTs (larger cores, less induction, better coupling between primary and secondary, less hysterisis distortion and wider bandwidth) equate to better sound quality. BUT - cost goes up! So be prepared to spend more for better OPTs!