Audio Note Kit 1 300b

I have the audio note kit 1 300b. Can I ask some question? What kind the speaker good for this amp? Can anybody give me an idea.
Typically, this type of amp will require high sensitivity speakers, with high impedence.

Tannoy Dual Concentrics work well with my SET 300B. There are many such speakers that can be used, such as Audio Note's own speakers.

Reference 3A, Zu, Tekton, Audio Note, Devore, Omega, Klipsch, JBL, altec, Audiokenesis, Tannoy, Adam Audio, PMC.
Look at what people have in the system pages for 300B and 2A3 amps as well.
A few more good candidates,
Coincident, Sonist, Tonian lab, Ocellia, Horning, Zu, Trenner-Friedl, Vapor Nimbus (new model).
Also the Vaughn Triode III (powered bass) which has been demo'd at shows with Gordon Rankin's 300B amps.

And I dare say that the Daedalus Ulysses at 98dB/w/m would be a good match, but I have not heard it with 300B amps.

I heard the Vaughn-wavelength Cardinal 300b combo at RMAF 2011 and it was quite a good match.
The Daedalus Ulysses is interesting, on paper it would appear to be a very appropriate match for a 300b SET amp. It seems to be paired with higher power tube and SS amplifiers at shows I've attended however. I bet it'd sound good with a SET amplifier.
How about with nirvana full range speaker . Is it sound good with the amp?
The Daedalus Ulysses was paired with Serious Stereo 2A3 monoblocks at the 2011 RMAF to good effect. These amps are rated at less than 2 watts per channel, yet seemed quite comfortable driving the Daedalus.
Stevennguyen2011, have you build the amplifier yourself? Any comments?