Audio Note Kit 1

Bought a used audio note kit 1 300b amplifier recently. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Any opinions on the audio note amplifier? Obviously build quality is of importance, being a kit amplifier. Has anyone had a chance to listen to there 300b built? System will be a sonore ultrarendu>chord2qute>audio note>15in audio nirvana alinco(open baffle). My current amplifier connected to this system is a EL34 Set Audio Nirvana. What kind of differences in sound character should I expect with 300b Set vs El34 Set. 
Why not just plug it in and find out?  Seems like an easy and obvious way to answer your questions.
It's still shipping or that's exactly what I would have done. Should arrive within the next week. 
Looking forward to hearing your impressions
@cal3713 and whoever else that might be interested. I have had a chance to listen to the audio note kit 1. I am very satisfied to say the least. The audio note paints a much smoother picture, with a much more laid back presentation. I have never heard an amplifier be so quiet. This is running off a driver that is very efficent at ~102db, and there is not even a hum. My El34 amp may handle rock music better, it gives it a really nice crunchy effect, but that is still up for debate for me, and would change by listener. If your interested here is the exact amplifier I bought. Did I get it for a reasonable price?
Great to hear.  Congrats.
Glad you are liking it!  I really like the ANK CAC 4.1LE that I built a few years back.  I think some of ANK's offerings represent nice value.

Hard to say about the price, since you have not shared that info....
@jbrrp1 I posted the link of the kit 1 I bought. It was bought here on audiogon. I paid $1650 for it. Had upgraded resistors, upgraded film caps, and upgraded silver internal wiring. Also came with all the tubes needed.