Audio Note DAC kit 1.1 tweak questions

Just got an AN 1.1, and like it a lot; immediately noticed more detail, more clarity, and more of a 3-dimensionality; really just more musical in general. All of the changes were a bit more than subtle and less than huge.

The DAC came with the Crystal receiver chip (CS8412) which doesn't handle 24/96. Do any of you know where I can get and how hard it would be to change out to the CS8414, which handles 24/96 sources?

Also, even if I replace the receiver chip apparently the DAC chip will still truncate to 16bit. Would it make any sense (and is it possible) to replace the DAC chip with one that can also handle an upsampled signal?

I'd like to experiment with different sources, and right now although I like the DAC fine as-is, I'm interested in having more flexibility.

(Something tells me by the time I'm done with this I could've just bought a DAC that intrinsically can switch between non-os and upsampled/oversampled....)

I'd appreciate any thoughts, help.
I have no experience with your Dac.But I do own a NOS Dac that uses the same Crystal receiver chip . What is your source? Most sources downsample to a 48 sampling rate. You should be able to adjust this in the menu of your source hopefully. From what I gather you want it to upsample also?You may want to ask the question here .
You should post your question here:
Source is a Squeezebox3, although I was considering putting a PT P-1A in front of the DAC, both to further deal with jitter and to upsample to 24/96. (That way I could compare 16/44 with 24/96 to see which I prefer.)

Thanks for the audioasylum link, looks like the appropriate place to pose the questions I have.
your best sound will never be an upsampled one. that is why the dac3 sig is considered one of the best sounding dacs because of less or no silver wiring,
which tends to be bright and the burr brown P63 dac chips which for their time was one of the best chips ever made!!!I am always considering that analog kills the overall digital presentaion of any cd player, dac etc, BUT Audio Note has got it down pretty good!!!I do not know your unit but make sure that there is no digital filter! If you look at the most expensive dacs like Zanden which is a killer,you will notice only standard cd playback. Many manufacurers allow for other standard as an ad on because they know what sounds best or true.

good luck and check audio asylum for other ideas...