Audio Note DAC 4.1 vs. EMM Labs on Redbook

Any thoughts?
Exlibris, I auditioned an Audio Note DAC 4 not 4.1 along with the Meitner on red book and found the Audio Note very musical/organic but it did not have the details, top/bottom extension, and resolution/clarity of the Meitner, which was still very musical and natural in its own right. So, unless the AN 4.1 is significantly better than the 4, I believe the Meitner has more to offer. You might want to take a look at a thread entitled: Reference level DACS: an overall prespective, which contains information on this topic that you might find helpful.
Thanks. Yes; I believe I contributed to your "Reference level DACS: an overall prespective" thread.
I've heard 4.1 Balanced and second Teajay's input. Althought it sounds "organic", it is lacking detail on the top and sounds somewhat smeared.

Of course, guys with classic tube SE amps, SE tube phonostages and High Efficiency speakers will love the 4.1B sound. This opens another can of worms, but I'd rather keep it sealed. :-)