Audio Note CDT-2 vs. Accustic Arts Drive 1

Anyone have a chance to hear these two great transports? I'm contemplating purchasing one of these to mate with an Audio Note DAC 3.1x. I like a natural, smooth sound with plenty of detail and dynamics and a big soundstage.
Any thoughts?

I have the AN CDT-2 and not the newer CDT2-2. The new one is much better than the CDT-2.I run mine with the 1.1 MK11 Sig.
For $1400.00 you will not be disappointed. There is one for sale for $1900.00 but he is dreaming. Wake him up and offer him the going price of $1400.00 to $1500.00 or call Darrin at Audio Limits as he has a demo he would let go at a good price.
I found CDT-2 light in the bass- b/w the two, I would go for the AA Drive 1...
I have heard the two, though in similar but slightly different set-ups. My impression is that the Accustic Arts Drive has a very nice "analog" sound, a little smoother and warmer than the AN CDT-2. The build is also at a higher quality. However, the CDT-2 has better dynamics, more detail, and blacker background. At the price that they are going for used- nothing is going to touch it. Besides, you can't argue with Black Gate capacitors (the CDT-2 is loaded with them in all the crucial signal paths).

Between the two, I ended up picking the CDT-2 which I found the better value and a slightly better machine overall. I never found the bass lacking- the sound is perfect- you can clearly hear the decay of notes from the instruments. It is also quite musical. If you don't mind the rather unorthodox looks (hassle of not having a front control panel) then the CDT-2 is a really good choice.