Audio Note CD2.1X

I have had this cdp for about 12 yrs. and have upgraded it with Audio Note copper foil output caps years ago. It still sounds good to me but I'm wondering if there might be something I'm missing with todays technology. I've not had the opportunity to listen to any newer cdp.

I wonder how long I should expect the optical laser to last. any info would be greatly appreciated.
The only way you can tell if you would like something better is to bring it to a dealer and hook it up side by side with something else. You may well end up preferring what you have. Audio Note is not about hyper detail - it's about listening to music.
AN is on my short-list to demo as well. If you guys have a local dealer/retailer- mention the company's name.

I would like to hear the 4.1/ 4.1x cd player for openers.
Red hot now in the Audio press, has my interest peaked.
Keep me posted & happy listening!