Audio Note CD-2 Opinions

Is this a great alternative to Arcam,Rega, Musical Fidelity etc in the sub $1k cd category?
Very good cdp IMO. Haven't heard the arcam or musical fidelity, but i did have a rega planet and i wasn't overly impressed. Compared the cd2 to a meridian 508.24 and it was pretty close. Meridian was a little smoother overall-- cd2 had a little better bass. Had the cd2 for over a year now with no problems-- bought used for $700 -- i have been very happy with this unit. I also have a 99Tjoeb and a rotel 971-- i prefer the cd2 to both of these units. When you say "sub $1k cd category", i assume you are talking used prices cause the cd2 was $2k new if i remember correctly.
It's hard to compare the CD-2 to the players.

The Audio Note has richer texture, more pure musicality.
It has less finesse when compared to a Meridian or Arcam, but if you want rich harmonics, oodlys of detail, just something that makes music, this a an increadibly musical player.

The newer players have more "digital resolution", but this is for people that hate CD sound.

At the current pricepoint, I think these are a steal. People don't know how good they are.

I would not use this player for rock & roll if you have speakers with 12" woffers or larger. In a really full range system, it lacks drive.

The Audio Note one box players are excellent. I have listend to them extensively. Rogue and Meadowlark use a CD 2 at the shows. I prefer the DC 3.1 over many players. It is quite, musical, detailed, fast, etc. You can listen to it for hours.

The CD 2.1 is quiter and more detailed than the comparable priced Arcams. The Arcam CD 82T may be a close competitor, but I would still go with the Audio Note, unless you want the upgrade options from Arcam. It is more musical than the Rega and not as "polite" or laid back. The Musical Fidelity sounds dark compared to it.