Audio Note CD 2.1 - any takes?

I recently auditioned this cd player with the Audio Note Oto integrated amp. I was very, very impressed. Being new to the tube word though, I haven't had the opportunity to make many comparisons. I've read that the Audio Aero Prima should be a price point competitor and I'm also interested in the possiblitiy of a tube modified Sony SACD player.

What do the gurus sayeth?
Well, not a guru, just someone who owned a AN 2.1 CD player.
It was a very musical, warm, non-fatiguing sounding player.
I loved it so much, I sold it and upgraded to an AN 2 transport and an AN 3.1X signature DAC.
Good idea to consider Sony mod,If you want ss,Richard
Kern is a good one, from what I read, If you want tube
output, Modwright is the way to go.
Go with the Audio Note. I have a Soro SE Phono, AN3 speakers, AN-L cables, and just replaced my Music Hall with an AN2. Mescabo nails it: musical. I heard a friends, started looking, and bang, found one here on the 'gon for $625 out the door.
Audio Note CD 2.1 is a great player of music..Tom
Stick with what you have and only make the system better.
I am using the following AN gear:

AN TT1 (ARM2/Dynavector DV20)
AN M1 Phono preamplifier
AN Conqueror 300B SET Triode amp (yippee!!)
AN K/L speakers

In conjunction with:

REL Strata II Subwoofer
Yamaha CT610 II Tuner
Nakamichi zx9
Pioneer c302d (??)...3 disc carousel DVD player..useful
Musical Fidelity XCan2 (Headphone amp)
Grado SR125 Headphones

In other words, keep upgrading your audio note gear. It is simple and easy to fix should it break. Even if AN goes under our stuff can be serviced easily; not much to it, really.