audio note ankoru

I have recently purchased a pair of used SE Ankoru mono block power amps and M3 pre .
Upon the connection of the system, I noticed a low buzzing noise in the loudspeakers which comes from the amps and sometimes gets louder. I checked and removed all upstream equipment, cd, pre, to find the source of the noise and concluded that it direcly comes from the powr amps . I even tried power conditioner to check and make sure the quality of Ac is good but the buzzing noise was still there. I wonder if any body has similar experience or can help me take care of this problem. I was told it could be from the tubes ?!
I had a AN Meishu and now a AN P3 Silver and both amps had/have a low hum coming from the amps into the speakers.

There is now a MK2 version and the problem may have been delt with in the newer amp.

E-mail Peter Q of AN with your concern.
Is the noise about equal in both channels? If so, it is unlikely to be a bad tube or some other candidate, like a power supply capacitor.

If it is just one amp, or predominantly one amp, try switching the tubes from one amp to the other to see if the noise follows the tubes.

Even with power supply conditioning, it could still be the power. I get hum and buzzing in my amps (Audionote Kageki) from the cable tv feed. As long as the cable is hooked up, it somehow feeds noise into the circuit that feeds both my stereo and video setup (the setups do not share any components/connection at all). Even attempts to block the noise with a blocking transformer doesn't help; I have to unplug the cable to eliminate the noise. The amps are fed by a Furman balanced power conditioner, but, it does nothing for the problem.

Good luck.
I have a mostly Audio Note system driven by a pair of Kageki mono blocks. And when I first set-up the system, I would get a noticeable hum on both channels while playing vinyl. I discovered I had to turnoff of my computer, transport and DAC; then, the noise dropped drastically. The need to turn the computer off disappeared when I installed dedicated lines. But, even with these changes, I still get some noise,if I get close to the speakers when music is not playing. I attribute this to the Cunningham single plate 2A3 which are notorious for being noisy tubes. However, the amount of tube noise I get is more than off-set the quality of the sound when the music is playing.
It could be something as simple as a ground loop problem. Disconnect the interconnect from the amplifier and see if it still hums, or use a cheater plug to bypass the amps' ground and see if the hum still persist.