Audio note ANK Kits EL84 Vs Audio Note Oto PP

hi everyone
Im interested in those two amps.
Anyone, by chances, have experience with both the ANK kits EL84 lvl1 or lvl3/4 and the AN Oto PP?
I can't comment specifically but I will say most people will tell you stuff built by AN UK is a definite cut above AN Kits. Not denigrating the kits at all they are great and a tremendous value I just think go for the real thing if it's in your budget.
I used to own an AN Soro se and wish I never sold it, awesome amp and most think the Oto is a bit better with more natural bass (though less power)

a no brainer in my book
The ANK stuff is excellent.   Take your time with the build or have them build it for you.  
I disagree with jond's assertion that " most people will tell you stuff built by AN UK is a definite cut above AN Kits."  Having experience with both I will say that both are excellent.

Assuming that your ANK kit is properly built (or built professionally) they can sound great.  In recent years ANK has moved away from mimicking Audio Note's own products and are offering their own designs.  Some may prefer them to AN UK stuff and some may not, but I applaud Brian Smith for his bold product offerings, keeping his products affordable and for maintaining excellent design and quality control.  AN UK doesn't offer any products like the Mentor preamp or EL84 monoblocks; both are unique and top notch designs.

Having said that, I owned an Audio Note UK OTO SE Phono integrated amp for years.  I am still sorry I sold that one.  It wasn't the beast overall amp I ever heard, but it was very good at everything it did: preamp section, phono stage, amp section - all very, very good and it played well above the price I paid for it.  Either way you are in for a treat.

As they say horses for courses and I don’t disagree at all ANK makes great kits and fine sounding gear. Interesting about diverging designs I guess that’s a smart move considering their split. Would be curious to hear the mentor preamp in particular . Either way I think the OP will end up a happy camper!
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