Audio Note AN-L vs Lexus LX Spk Cable

I was amazed at the improvement in cohenrence, details & bass brought about by the AN-L over the Rega Quattro thru my Harbeth C7ES3.

Has anyone auditioned the AN-L against the Lexus? BTW, is the AN-La a replacement for the AN-L?

Appreciate if someone can enlighten me. Thanks.

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I was able to compare the two when I upgraded my AN-E/L speaker's internal cable from AN-L to AN-Lexus. The improvement was very audible. Much better low frequency control. The high frequencies seem to also be a little less brash. The midrange frequencies are definitely more natural and organic sounding. I believe that AN Lexus is probably the best sounding copper speaker cable that I have ever heard at any price. To best it you have to go silver. And I am not talking about lower strand count silver either. Audio Note's entry level silver wire AN-SPa can't best the lexus in most areas. You have to move up to the very expensive SPe before you start hearing an improvement. So that makes the Lexus a pretty good value as well. Hope this helps.