Audio Note AN-K or pony up for AN-J

Hi all,

I have only heard the AN-E Spe at the RMAF with ad OTO SE, and CD2. I hear that the AN-J uses the same woofer as the AN-E while the AN-K uses a differet one. Outside of the frequency extremes is there that big of a difference. The AN-K's are already pushing the budget, but I want that same magic. I am going to have AN-K SPe (or AN-J) + Oto SE + Quad 99 CD-p. Later I will probobly upgrade to Audio Note Wiring and maybe CD player. Advice appreciated.
Take the difference in price and divide by how many years you will reasonably keep the speakers. If that annual amount seems worth the jump then you have arrived at defendable rationalization for the upgrade. If not, bail.

What are you smoking?

Go with the J/SPe speakers and NOT the K.

Good deal on the 'Gon right now but don't buy the AN speaker stands as they suck. The J's don't come up for sale very often on Audiogon.

Get the Sistrum stands as they smoked my AN stands.

AN wire is OK but there are better cords out there. Sogon speaker cable OTOH is outstanding wire. I found the Gabriel Gold wire to beat out the AN IC wire by a long shot.

I had the Oto and it is very good.

I am a fan of AN gear except for their IC's and speaker stands. Going to 120 stands of silver in their IC wire will be a different story in my view but who can afford it.