Audio Note AN-J vs AN-K

hi everyone.
I have a small room: 10 x 11.
I wanted to go with the AN E but been told its a too big speaker for my room. Therefore, only the AN K or AN J would fit in my room.

I would like to have feedback from people who heard both and could tell me how close they sound to each other, their strenght, ect...

I know this is not what you are asking but let me throw in my 2 cents. My listening room is exactly the same size as yours. I have tried floor-standers and stand-mounts galore. The bigger speakers "load" my room way to prominently in the bass region to the point where the sound gets tubby. I am certain many tweaks to the room could be made but I chose not to go down that road. The best speakers for my application were smaller stand-mounts which render a natural presentation. So, just be careful. That's all I'm saying. You may want to try 3/5 iterations in that room and see how you like them. That works well for me, even for rock and orchestral.
I've heard the AN E in a smallish room, though not as small as 10' by 11'. Although the speaker is designed to be placed in the corner of the room, you can reduce the bass to some extent by moving it out of the corner. I have heard it used this way and I think it sounded quite good. However, the smaller Audionotes also sound good in a small room, whether used in the corner or a little bit out of the corner, and I would bet that they would work better than the AN E in such a small room as the one you described.

But, if there is a possibility that you may, in the future, move the speaker into a larger room, it may make some sense to consider the AN E even if it has to be used in less than ideal conditions.