audio note an-e lx signature vs parsifal encore

I am about to make a choice btw two. Any experience, preference, conclusion will be highly appreciated. Which is better according to your taste and why?

If you want AN speakers then be prepared to go with all AN gear. Peter Q has made his products to work together and being a owner of all AN gear I must say it does smoke the competition. You just don't go out and buy AN speakers and hook up any old amp to them you want.

Are you willing to do the unthinkable and go all AN. If not go and buy the other speaker.
I've only heard the A-N briefly and own the Parsifal, so take my observation FWIW. The Parsifal strikes me as better in just about every way. Bandwidth, tonality, dynamics, etc. But, this may be unfair to the A-N as my only experience w/them was at a show and that may have been a particularly poor room.


PS - The Verity needs a fair bit of current to work properly while the A-N was operating happily with (if I recall correctly) low power SET amps.
Apples and hand grenades.Only that both are round.AN like Naim qand few others has that synergy thing whereas a high current needing Verity is totally different animal.Just that both are not cheap.Agree with above and for flexibility in future I would go Verity.Think that the AN gear can sound great with fine SET so maybe we overstate the synergy thing but you won't get them to perform like they could with widely disparate gear.Heard both in Boston a few years ago and woud have been happy with either though I found entrance for Verity to steep for me.But they are special.