Audio note amp driving b&w????

Hi there. I am trying to build a decent audio note based 2 channel system but have to do it slowly over a few years. I need two systems in my house, one for surround sound in one room and for another room strictly music. I've got the surround system completed with b&w 602 s3 for front speakers and a denon reciever. I only have money now for an audio note amp and will have to continue to use the b&w front speakers for a year or two. Would a p3 amp be sufficent to drive these satisfactorily for a year or two as I save up for the E speakers?
I have the P3.

Satisfactorily = poor but passing. P3 with B&W 602

Good long range plan. The E with the P3 is a good vision. E's are hard to come by used.

I have a P3 for sale but besides that I am a AN fan and I think you are making a wise desision.

What is your budget for the P3 or do you have it already?
the audio note will not drive the b&w properly. this isn't exclusive to the b&w, just the nature of amp. it needs an extremely efficent speaker, which really is an entirely different story. what are you using now for power, and what are you looking for in terms of sound character?
I know it will be added expense but think about the Speltz autoformer. I put that on my Audio Note driving Kharma speakers and thought it was beneficial. Just not sure with the autoformer and the extra cables where that puts you from a budget perspective.
The Audio Note is a wonderful amp, but it will not drive the b&w. The speltz autoformer will help as a patch, but it will introduce some significant veiling and timing issues.

What about selling the b&w speaker and buying the P3 and the AN speaker kit through Brian at Audio Note kits? Just an idea. Or, buy an Omega or Galante used and resell it when you have the dough for the Audio Note speakers.
i would think very hard before buying any flea watt amp...or building a system around an amp. you don't need tons of power, but any quality amp (with even tiny balls) can drive most moderately efficent speakers, and even some that require more juice.
Thanks for all the responses. There is no point in me selling the b&w speakers as I have finally all the 600 series for a surround system in another room. I have to wait to purchase the audio note one piece at a time so wont have a full surround system untill I have a full 2 channel system. Hope that makes sense.
So what is the consensus. It wont drive them maximally(sp) or wont drive them at all?
I have to agree w/ Jaybo on this. I have recently heard the little 3 watt Fi amp on some B&W speakers similar to the ones you have and it was just not enough power to make them sound the way they are capable of sounding. Speakers first, then find an amp that drives them the way you like.
Yeah.... the Audio Notes won't be able to drive the B&Ws to a decent sound level. BTW why stick to tube amps? There are recent articles published in HIFi news or something that to avoid clipping in an amplifier you will need to have at least 250 watts available to drive a moderately efficient loudspeaker to a satisfactory volume in a medium sized room. Apparently, transients in a piece of music drives many amplifiers into clipping.