Audio Note : amp and source matching

Long story short:
looking for upgrade my system. In general, I want to have simple system - one source (CD player) and amp.
Last month I auditioned OTO Line Signature vs. Meishu Line vs. Meishu Line Silver. OTO was really good, but Meishu Silver made me almost cry - how beautiful it sounded, and how much more expensive it is, than I can afford... Honestly, standart Meishu didn't impressed me a lot.

And lucky, I found pretty good deal on Audio Note P3 Silver (3oob tube amp) with a lot of upgrades. It's power amp, but with volume control, and could be used with one source. 
But I really don't get technical details about matching impedences between source and amp, and if it would be good match. At the moment my source will be my Yamaha CD-S2100 player, later on the road I'll try to buy Audio Note CD 3.1x/II one box player.

Maybe people with more technical knowledge and Audio Note afficionados could help me with advise . Will it work with these specs, I have:

Audio Note P3 details:
- Input impedence: 100 KOhm
- Input sensitivity: 450mV for full output 

Yamaha CD-S2100 details:
- Output Level (1 kHz, 0 dB) SA-CD/CD: 2.0 ± 0.3 V
- Output Power:
  • SA-CD: 1.89 mW (max)
  • CD: 1.36 mW (max)
Audio Note CD 3.1x/II details:
- Output impedance: Less that 2 kohm 
- Reference output: 3.0V RMS (approx.)

Matching tube 8-10 W amp with my speakers shouldn't be problem - they are two way with simple crossover, 96 dB and 8 Ohm.

Also, what I'll be missing and what sound properties, beside more inputs, should be better with, let's say, Audio Note M2 preamp?
I'm not a tech guy at all, but since no one else answered yet, I'll tell you what I "know". The input impedance of your amp is high enough you should never have to worry about the output impedance of any source or preamp. The rule of thumb is the input impedance should be at least 10x greater than the output impedance of the component just before it in the audio chain.

Also the Yamaha's output voltage is over four times what your amp requires for full output so you don't need any gain from a preamp.

I read some of your amp's owner's manual and I'm not sure how Audio Note wants you to use the volume control on the amp. The instuctions are simple enough, but usually when there are two volume controls in a system, you only use one not both. But in your case there will only be one, so I guess that doesn't matter. Audio Note has great customer service and will respond to emails immediately.

Out of curiosity, what speakers do you have? Your system should sound great 😃

xrayz is correct about the impedances involved.
The speaker is a little on the low side as far as efficiency is concerned. Another 6 db would be really helpful in most rooms, but a lot depends on how lively your room is and your personal listening habits.
Thanks for reply and advice!
+xrayz - at the moment I have Spatial Hologram M3 Triode Master ( and Acuhorn 15 (
I used mainly Spatials, but now going in week two with Acuhorn's. Don't want rush, but looks like Acuhorns will stay. They are not definitely better, but I like their sound more. They don't image so well as Spatials, nor they have clarity and resolution magic. But sound is more full, more warm and more likeable for my taste.