Audio nirvana ends with planar/electrostats?

Always heard quite a consensus that the pilgrimage for lifelike hi-end speakers ends with electrostatic or magnestat speakers. Is that still the case today with top traditional design speakers like i.e. Avalon/Wilson ??

Has anybody of you tried to leave their beloved quad/Soundlab/Mlogan for a Avalon speakers type?

Avalons, seems not bad to many people, easy load, but possibly quite expensive(amp saving?)

On the contrary it seems that more power is needed for the electrostats/magneplanars but models are generally cheaper (more musical?)

In few other words, for a full musical experience and lifelike reproduction (jazz music) better to go for a ESL 989 or Soundlab speaker type and expend the rest of the budget for the right amplification, or go for a middle class Avalon ?

Has anybody of you critically audition their beloved electrostat/magneplan speaker towards a top notch Avalon ? Outcomes ?
Thanks for taking my request seriously and I know that we are talking helicopter view here, but I should start someway without making a too long and boring thread.
Audio nirvana starts with Lowther/Korneff 45 DH SET this combo left my Maggies in the dust.
I also disagree. My Acoustic Energy 1 Signatures seem to match most electrostats in detail and soundstaging, and no electrostat I have ever heard has enough DYNAMICS to sound real to me. A drum kick should hit me in my gut, not gently caress my face. Some people live for electrastats, so its a personal thing.........

I went from B&W 803's to Maggie MMG's to 1.6's and then to infinity 4.1t's. Could not be happier. So no.