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Recently I had a chance to listen to the Audio Nirvana 15in Alinco driver, connected to a nice 300b amp. Quite frankly, I was blown away at what I heard. It was as if the speakers completely disappeared and the sound was appearing out of thin air. The vocals these things produced were incredibly realistic, the midrange was very fast and rhythmic, and the imaging was by far some of the best I've heard. The weak part of the driver was definetly the low end, but still went down to ~35hz. Not being in the audiophile game long, and still learning, I came here to get a few opinions. This was my first experience listening to a full range driver. Having no experience with manufactures in this area, I have a question. Who makes the best full range driver? Had anyone had a chance to listen to any drivers made by Audio Nirvana? Opinions? 
Yes they can sound OK and are very efficient but there are problems. Low bass is obvious. To get anything out of them you have to use reflex enclosures. You could get around this by crossing to subs at 100 Hz and put them in sealed enclosures. Then there is the high end. Their marketing supposes that most of us can not hear over 16 kHz. Then they use as an example that FM radio rolls off at 15 kHz. I am 65 years old and just tested my hearing and I make it up to 18 kHz. Then there is the beaming problem. A 15" driver is going to start beaming at around 1000 Hz getting progressively worse as the frequency rises. By 15 kHz which has a wavelength slightly under an inch, if you are not exactly in front of the driver you will not hear it. Both channels have to be pointed exactly at your ears. You might as well use headphones. So these speakers will work well for someone with a low powered amplifier who listens to back ground music. Serious listening is difficult at best. A driver has to be smaller than the smallest wavelength you want it to produce if you want the driver to disperse. If you want an efficient speaker I would go with horns. The advantage of horns is that you can control the dispersion and not bounce sound all over the place but create a condition where you have a broad listening area. Honk, Honk:)
I have the 12 in ferro's in the 5.6 ported cabs. dont listen to these armchair engineers... the sound is great and the beaming is hardly the problem some here say. i am using a a set amp  w 8wpc and i use a sub crossed over at 45 just becuz i had one and i use them for movies too. have tried various cabs and baffles, these drivers are a bargain and deliver slam and great mids. the lows????? get a sub if thats your hangup.. for this price what speakers would get you to 25 hz anyway? might as well use headphones??? haaaaaa. another expert with no listening experience heard from.
I use audio nirvana 5” classic drivers which are 93 dB in a smallish big front ported box with subs tuned below 80hz with excellent results.
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Well here's an update. I returned my AN Super 8s for a refund. The mid/upper midrange was so "shouty" that I (nor my hifi friends that listened to them) couldn't live with it. I tried moving my speakers around and a different amp but it wouldn't quiet them enough for me to be happy with them. I contacted Mr Dicks and he certainly lived up to his last name by blaming my entire system except the one thing that changed, the Super 8 drivers.
I have since installed the Tang Band 2145 and ,in my opinion, it absolutely crushes the Super 8 in every fashion.


Came across this  by chance,, while looking fora  high sens, WBer large size cone, that might act as a  low bass unit for my DaviDlouis VX8..

I had my doubts about this speaker just by the looks.
In appearance , something like the Diatone 6 inch I bought from DavidLouis which was trash.

So glad your tests  results of the tang band 2145 are exactly in line with my opinion.

This speaker  has delivers good bass (40hzish= equal to my Seas W18E001's), 
Sweet no coloration/distortion/no muddy midrange.
Highs do not roll off early,, maybe 12khz, perhaps higher = perfect.

You can go with the DavidLouis VX8 or you can decide with the Tang band 2145, the choice is yours. 
I decided to stay with the DLVX8, as its a clone of the Voxativ PiFe which also boasts a  wood cone. 
Vox  @ 5G's
DLVX8 $550
For my classical muisc,  I do not feel any need to break the bank for possibly a tiny nuance. 
Well here's an update. I returned my AN Super 8s for a refund. The mid/upper midrange was so "shouty

The main reason we go after the WBers is for the glorious midrange.
Muddy upper bass and shouting barking lower mids,   is somerthing we  might find in our low sens xover types.

Funny Audio Nirvana puts high quality magnets  on a  low quality speaker.

Which leads me to figure, the cone material is far more important than the  magnet structure.

IF the magnet really is AN quality,, This company does not seem to havea  web site,, perhaps they  were playing some dirty tricks, folks caught on, started returning these things, and now defunct.

I doubt it was a high quality AN magnet. 

Here are the following magnets we have in WBers.
Neo Dymium (=Nd)
Field Coil (FC)

My tech suggests a  good ferrite equals any of the more expensive  motors.

My fav is Nd. 
But not in the **Pill* form ,as offered in Voxativ's Ac1A = 8  tiny round Nd magnets = Not a  true Nd magnet motor. 
Its a cheap Nd = inferior to a  hefty ferrite. 

Cone materials, 
Wood is my fav. (DavidLouis 3 of Vox' models)
Next stiff bamboo fibers (Tang Band)/paper composite (AER)
Thin paper I can't stand. (most of Vox's offerings)