Audio newbie seeks system advice


I'm new to this world, but enjoy good sound and am trying to cobble together a nice little system. Here's what I've got so far:

- Outlaw 1050 receiver/amp (bought new)
- Sony DVD/CD and MD players (nothing special)
- Snell KIIv's as fronts (used)
- Snell HCC-500 center channel (used)
- Snell PS10 powered sub (used)
- Monster Navajo speaker cable

I'm hoping to complete the home theater setup either by getting a pair of decent, reasonably priced (probably used) Snell surrounds, or by using the KII's as surrounds and getting new fronts that aren't so large that my girlfriend will boot me out. (She's already less than thrilled about the new TV....)

Any recommendations? I assume that getting Snells would make the whole thing most likely to sound together? Does speaker cable really matter? Given the rest of the setup, would I notice much of a difference if I got a nicer CD player?

Any advice much appreciated.

Staying w/same line of speakers will usually improve integration of the HT. Speaker cable does matter and Monster Navajo is really at the bottom of the line above zip cord. Fine for the surrounds, but you can do way better for the L,C, & R. A decent CD/DVD player would make a big improvement. Post a budget and you'll probably get lots of suggestions.
Thanks for the advice, Swampwalker.

More specifics:

I am looking at buying some used Snell dipoles (SUR 500s) for around $200, and use those with my KIIs as fronts.

Alternately, I could get a couple more KIIs for $250 or K5mk.5's for $500, and then use my KIIs as rears.

Any ideas on this?

With respect to the CD/DVD, I doubt I'd want to speak more than a few hundred bucks at this stage. Is it possible to get anything decent for that?

Don't buy into the speaker wire trap. Do a search on this. In double blinds extremely few audiophiles score higher than they would just guessing.