Audio Newbie Question-Asperion Speakers

I am getting back into listening to music and have a Pioneer VSX-519V-K receiver connected to a squeezebox. Was looking at new bookshelf speakers, specifically the Aperion Audio Intimus bookshelf speakers (the 6b or 6c). I was wondering whether the Forum can give me thoughts on the following:

1) Quality of Aperion speakers overall. I have seen several good review, but the reality its hard to find bad reviews on many speakers.

2) Whether the receiver is powerful enough to power the 6Bs, which are a little bigger, as compared to the 5Bs. I know very little about how to make this determination, and could really use some help. If the power will be insufficient, any suggestions on how to handle?

Some additional information is that the speakers will play primarily rock and roll, some jazz/classical. The room is very open, about 20x30 in an open floor plan, with high ceilings.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
the aperions are rated at only 82db sensitivity, which means they ain't too efficient; your receiver might struggle with them in your big room, especially since pioneer's power ratings are notoriously optimistic. i'd look for more efficient speakers in your price range--canton gle, psb image, energy rc, etc.
Fro same bang for buck similar price performance would be AV123 bookshelves.Of go used market for a Quad 12L.Then see about maybe getting better power amp an loop through pre- and get more out of a pioneer AV or going to Integrated if you don't have enough power.
You have a large space to fill with sound, 888dewey. Plus, although I am a Pioneer fan, the 519VK is not really a powerhouse. IMO, you need to find a pretty efficient (over 89dB efficiency rating) loudspeaker unless you will limit yourself to background volumes.

If your price range is ~$700/pr., you should consider used speakers. Speakers that use horn-loaded drivers and "wave guides" often offer more effecient operation that will help in your situation. Triangle, Focal, Silverline Audio, DCM and others make pretty effecient monitors. Some Silverline Audio SR-16s are being offered right now on A'gon in your price range.

Are you committed to monitors? For $800/pr you can have DCM TFE100s. I haven't heard the 100s, but the price/performance ratio of the 200s I heard blew me away. Here is a link:

I think they come with a 30-day return option. Although they are rated at 88dB efficiency, I heard the 200s in a large convention room powered by a 25 watt tube amp, and they were very impressive - no larger amp was needed.