Audio Mirror T61 Parts Question?

I recently picked up a Audio Mirror T61 Tube Pre 2nd hand and wanted to know if anyone new the exact value of the coupling caps used in the pre.Vlad told me they were 2.2uf Sonic Caps but peeking inside my unit (very hard to get it open btw)looked like 2.0 uf.Also -those who bought new-did a manual come with the unit? And last is the 2A fuse long or short length and fast or slow blow?
Email Vlad, he is pretty good guy. I use fast acting 2A fuses in my Audio Mirror PP1 preamp from Radio Shack.

Not much to the line stage preamps as far as what to know really.
Volume/4 inputs/2 outputs. The input labels on back probably do not match the remote-you have to sort that out yourself.
The three tubes are labeled.
Specs are on Audio Mirror website.

Nice stuff and cheap.