Audio Mirror 45 thoughts?

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide a mini review of their Audio Mirror 45's. Reliability? Power tube life? Most importantly, SQ. I am interested in pairing these with a pair of Reference 3a De Capo's.

Interesting amps but not a lot on the web about them. Thanks in advance for any help.

I had a pair for several years. They are outstanding amplifiers. They drove my 87dB EgglestonWorks Fontaines and then also my PAP Trio15 Horn-1 speakers very well. PLENTY of power! They do well in all frequencies, and I was amazed at how terrific (powerful and articulate) they were with bass. They always provided a clean, clear, wide, and deep sound. (By now you’ve probably painfully realized that I am not a good writer. My apologies.) Vocals were outstanding.  Very reliable, and Vlad is terrific with customer service. Tubes lasted around 2500-3000 hrs. 

One time I had a distributor for a different amplifier company (very well known, highly regarded, SS amps) over to hear my system. I had asked him to evaluate my system to suggest which of his amplifiers would best suit my gear. And which one would be better than my Audio Mirrors. After hearing only a few tracks he threw up his hands and said, "I need to re-evaluate MY amplifiers. These sound better than any of them."