Audio Metallurgy GA-0 interconnects

Has anyone tried the Audio Metallurgy GA-0 interconnects, or any of their products, for that matter? I see them often in the "no-reserve" auction on Agon, and they tend to go for about $150. I'm wondering what experiences/comparisons people might have made.

I just sold a 1.5M and .5M set and have 1 more .5M set left for sale. The only reason I am selling is due to a new rack configuration, so I am buying 5 new sets with different lengths. These IC's sound better than anything I've ever heard at a reasonable price. They sell them in auctions to keep the price of advertizing down, nice people to deal with, but sometimes it takes 4-7 weeks for an order. My .5M are like new for someone that likes to keep connections as short as possible. Be careful not to kink them, they also have locking rca's which is nice, but just don't tighten them too much. I can't wait to get my new sets. Happy listening.
They are a very good value. They are however somewhat fragile in comparison to some other manufacturers cables, something that Audio Metallurgy openly admits to on their website. Really though as long as you are careful and don't plan on putting them in and out of your system frequently there should be no problem.
Agree with both previous threads. They're definitely a very good value and sound just as good or better than IC's costing considerably more.
In my system they bested cardas golden reference,harmonic technology magic link and acoustic zen matrix reference.