audio metallurgy cables?

anybody heard these cables? good, decent? i use discovery plus fours currently. would these be a major step up or not? thanks for the info.
I have a pair od their i/c and they are very good. As far as comparing them to your current cable I am not familar with them.
What about their power cords? Can't find any reviews on their cables.
I replaced my NBS Omega 0 interconnects with audio metallurgy GA-0 - that's how good they are.
I just bought a couple of their interconnects at auction (GA-0)and am awaiting their delivery. They certainly look interesting and their feedback looked promising. Has anyone heard their speaker cables? Has anyone else heard their other products as well? I noticed that their auctions get quite a bit of activity so others have apparently noticed their products.
I guess that no one has tried their reference speaker cables.
I just got their speaker cables and they wer awesom...very clean. I replaced my Monster M series with these. I have used their cables(GA-0) and they were so good that I am converting most of my connections to GA-0's. Very clean and detailed sound.
I have been using the GA-0's myself for a few days and they are very good. I have not tried many cables so I was looking for someone who could corroborate my findings. The speaker cables may be an interesting next purchase. Bob