Audio Matiere/Audio Sculpture

Does anyone know the story behind the Company Audio Matiere?
I recently, bought an amazing! 30 wpc integrated amplifier,
the Majuscule, which was advertised as an Audio Matiere product.
In the front panel it says "Audio Sculpture" but in the back right side behind the tubes it says "Audio Matiere".
I've found out that the designer of these amplifiers is
Jean Jaques van Leeuwen. I also, saw a site that talks about the 1996 Oslo, Norway, Hi-Fi exibition and they mention the company Audio Sculpture from Norway that is the maker of my Majuscule.

Thanks in advance.
I believe it is one and the same company, just a rough translation of "matiere" for use in some countries. Not sure if they're officially still in business, but Jean Jacques has moved on to Audio Aero, where you will notice a distinct similarity between their models and the Audio Matiere models. The Audio Matiere models were, I believe, made more by hand and are reputed to have perhaps a little more "character" than the Aero versions, for what that's worth. I still wish I'd had enough money to purchase their Ultima amplifiers when they were available a few years ago on the 'GoN. One of the few amps out there that I would consider to replace my beloved JA80s.
Audio Matiere is out of business and the gentleman you reference has indeed either movd to audio aero or sold the technology to them. I owned the Ultima amps which were indeed a special product. If you contact AudioAero they still can answer questions regarding the Audio matiere line and actually have siome spare parts if ever needed.
I believe Marigo audio was the US Importer of Audio Matiere and may have a lot more knowledge about the product line.
Hi, did anyone ever hear the Audio Matiere tube CD Player.