audio magic vs shunyata hydr

Any thoughts or input on these two ? Has anyone owned both ? What are the pros and cons of each ?
I've owned both. It really comes down to musical preferences, system synergy, and room, not necessarily in that order.
I found the AM Stealth to be more dynamic, transparent, quick and agile. While the Shunyata Hydra's strengths are rich, vibrant tonal qualities, fuller bass (not more extended, more abundant), soundstaging. Note, I am comparing the Stealth with the original Hydra, not Hydra-8 or AM Matrix. The Stealth does have surge protection, the original Hydra doesn't, if that matters to you.

Weakness'? The Stealth can sound thin and analytical. The Hydra can sound thick and slow.

So it depends on what you're looking for. It's similar to SS (AM) vs. Tubes (Shunyata) debate, IMHO.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, currently, I am enjoying the Hydra.

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I have owned the Audio Magic line from the Stealth to the Mini Matrix and Mini Digital, to the (now) Eclipse. Loved eack one, and each one was an upgrade in sound. I, presently, have a Hydra 2 on order for my home video system. Maybe (that's a big maybe) one day I'll do an AB against the Eclipse. You, certainly, don't want to wait for that.
Thanks for your imput, it's been most helpful !

I love the *original Hydra* very much for everything and its tube-like sonics in my system as John states ^ above ^.