Audio Magic vs PS audio

Wanting to get either a power director or a stealth has anyone compared the two?
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I own the Audio Magic Matrix, now, but I use to own the Stealth. My comparison was not ideal, considering the electronics etc., but I decided on the Stealth. I love it, and wouldn't be without my Stealth. As I have said in earlier posts, I had to be without my Stealth when I sold it for my upgrade. What I took for granted became quite evident. Check the archives for reviews on each. Plenty of audiophools love the PS Audio stuff, as well. I believe you're going to have a high class problem before you. I, still, use the Audio Magic Mini Digital for my front end. WOW! peace, warren
P.S. I can turn you on to the guy I purchased mine from. Honest, audio savvy and killer prices.
i dont know the new ps 500,but i used and compared ps 600 and 1200 with stealth.and audio magic is much better than ps audio
Warrnen is right on about the Stealth and especially the Matrix. I've owned the PS Audio stuff and personally I think it is lacking big time compared to the Stealth. The Stealth and Matrix are by far the best power conditioning devises I have tried.
I have used the Stealth unit now for about a year with
terrific results. I have not had any exposure to the PS
Audio units, but can make a comparison to the Richard
Grey unit. The Stealth is better by a fair margin, yet I
have to say that the Power Company unit did quite well at
it's price point. In fact, I still use it in a second
system with good results.

Overall, I have a high confidence level in Audio Magic.
Perhaps the best bargain in high-end audio!
On a slightly different angle, I first got the AM Stealth by itself and thought it was pretty good but didn't really blow me away, good part was it didn't soften/round off music like many conditioners do.

Then I later also got the mini digital Stealth and I regret to say (for your pocket book) that this is a mandatory additon for Stealth if you have CDP, really expanded the soundstage I am really impressed.

Keep in mind these advantages for Stealth/Digital Stealth combo:
-small size
-no noise (fan) or heat generated
-does not consume large amounts of power
-does not cause hum in gear attached to it
-entire system including amps can be conditioned

Only downside, although it is cheaper than some competitors,
is "seems" very pricey for actual parts/equipment you get.

Also I have not directly compared PS Audio P300/600 to AM Stealth, although I did in the past have PS Audio Ultimate Outlet which I eventually sold here. Also currently use PS Auio Power Ports for wall outlets.
I've always used budget conditioners in the past. But, I recently borrowed the PS Audio 500 from a local dealer and was very impressed! The 500's ability to enhance the highs and lows was excellent. However, it seemed to be lacking in the midrange--voices were not enhanced along with the rest of the spectrum. I was breaking in cables too, so this may of had something to do with it. Or, this may be a problem unique to PS Audio gear. Well, whatever the case, from what I've read here on Audiogon and from emailing WarrenH and the dealer he recommends, it seems the Audio Magic stuff is far superior to PS Audio. And, the new Matrix stealth -I've been told-is nearly 30% better than the original stealth and digital stealth. Unfortunately, I am unable to audition the Audio Magic gear, but alas will take the plunge and pick up the Matrix as soon as I can afford it!
Sammie, I believe there is a Mini Matrix, now. Two outlets. That for your amp and the Digital Stealth Mini for your front end: YOU'RE THERE! Happy 4th....warren
Thanks Warren, Tony emailed me prices on the Mini Matrix's, and that's what I've set my sights on. Hope to have them within the next 2 months. By the way, I purchased the cables you recommended. I love'em. Take Care -- Sammie