Audio Magic "Transcendence"

Has anyone tried the new line of AUDIO MAGIC power conditioners with matched filtering? in particular their top of line TRANSCENDANCE model? Thank you.
I have listened and purchased their new Stealth XXX conditioner with filter matching capabilities. It is THE BEST conditioner I have ever owned. The others I've owned (expensive ones) were sold at a great loss. This one will never leave my system. Easy way to put it is the music is just more REAL. Improved an already very good system to the max.
No experience with the Transcendance, but knowing Jerry, I'm sure it delivers. I have owned the Stealth, Matrix, Stealth Digital Mini, and now, the Eclipse. Each upgrade was noticable. The Eclipse has a profound effect on my system, especially with the use of dedicated lines. The Eclipse was way out there, $$ wise for me. I cannot justify spending more for my electric, with my rig. It will be worth it for some, but for this audiophool: I believe I have found electric nirvana. peace, warren