Audio Magic -- the new power conditioners

Hello fellow music lovers, Audio Magic's Stealth line was widely reviewed over the years but I can't find any comments on Jerry Ramsey's new line of power conditioners from The Q to The Oracle. Does anyone have experience with these new units?
i went thru this very thing, myself just months ago. what i did was put my amp on a dedicated line and brought a $49 ps audio socket and the difference is amazing. the midrange is clear and clean, there is more focus and no back ground noise. more detail and better soundstaging.
Hi Kennesawjet, thanks for letting me know about this. I have my amp and CDP plugged into a Synergistic Research Tesla Plex with Oyaide plugs. The sonic improvements were amazing over my previous set-up. I will be adding the Audio Magic conditioner called The Q soon. It will be plugged into the Tesla Plex with the CDP plugged into the Audio Magic. I will see if the amp sounds better plugged directly into the Tesla Plex or into the Audio Magic. Do you have any experience with the new line of Audio Magic conditioners? There are no reviews or testimonials I can find on the net. Jerry Ramsey says The Q is much better than the Stealth and I believe him -- which is why I decided to buy The Q instead of a used Stealth.
exactly, i talked with someone at oyaide before i decided to go with the configuration. i was email by someone that didnt think we needed conditioners.i havnt tried anything else because i dont think i will need anything else. but keep me posted on your process. you can email me personaly if need. thanks
Hi Kennesawjet, Thanks for letting me know. I would be surprised if the Audio Magic conditioner The Q does not make a big difference in my system. We'll have to wait and see. I'll be in touch in September when everything is in place and let you know what the story is. What Oyaide plugs are you using? Are you also using Oyaide IECs?
i went with the psb audio sockets instead. after talking with the guy from oyaide and audio advisor, i decided on those instead,they did have both. my mids have come alive, my sound is more halographic. but i am tube rolling and am having to start over because the characteristic of the tubes have changed since i installed the new line. i notice my amp dont work as hard as before and the sound dont fade as much. looking forward to hearing from you in sept................
Do you have a dedicated line, or are you saying you noticed improvements by merely exchanging your original sockets with the PS sockets?