Audio Magic stealth - Really that good?

I just have to add my 2cents worth. I have had other power conditioners in my system. all have made, to varying degrees a positive impact on the sound. I bought a used unit on Audiogon and had it sent to the factory for the latest upgrade. Jerry,"the owner" assured me the upgrade would be well worth the cost. Well he was right! I really can't believe the huge impact it made. All the sound is there. I am generally sceptical about things like this and the claims they make but the claims on this product are understated if anything. My search has ended, no need to look further. My system make up consists of the following: Krell FPB400cx, Krell-KCT, Krell 280cd, McIntosh MR 7083 tunner, Mit oracle V4 Bi-wire, B&W N802, Cast innerconnect, Transparent music link ultra XLR,"used between the CD player and Pre-amp".
I have been debating sending my Stealth Matrix (6 outlet) back to AM for upgrade but don't want to be without, sounds like I should definitely do it. How long did it take to have your unit upgraded?

When I initially got Stealth Matrix I was not too impressed and was going to sell it, but soon after also got 2 outlet Digital Stealth to use with Matrix and this made big improvement, completely seperating digital gear made all the difference.
Just to clarify I have standard AM Stealths not the upgraded Matrix my models mixed up.
I went from PS AUDIO to MATRIX to ECLIPSE. Every step was an improvement. Of note with AM is the expanded soudstage.
I started with PS Audio too. Then I bought my stealth. It is the longest held piece of gear in my system. I love it.
I too, went from Stealth, to Mini Matrix/Mini Digital, to the Eclipse. The Eclipse is set up for optimal performance, utilizing two power cords, to truly isolate digital from analog. Hook that baby into two dedicated outlets: fasten your seatbelt. Only negative, with any of the AM line, is the incredibly long burn in time. Well worth it, but a drag never-the-less. peace, warren
So has there been anything better to come along? I value clarity and conditioners like Exact power are said to change the sound - because of the transformer maybe.
Transformers? I don't believe they are used in any AM product. I'll have to contact Jerry, and ask if he offers an upgrade for my Stealth XXX(in system 7yrs now).